cecy young
I have 4 years of experience in photography, retouching and production. With a strong background in fine arts & I recently graduated from a studio specialization at SPEOS Paris Photographic Institute.

I am also co-running the studio Porcelaine with my partner and friend Mariana García.

For me photography is a way of inventing stories, I find it very interesting when imagination & reality come together to create something new. I get inspired by classic cinematography, women, color, and my childhood memories.

Living in Paris, France.
2013 noa bachner ee berger lucie bremeault valentina castro claudia cosentino alexandra farias joanna galuszka amy hobbs amanda asnowski tamara jullien anna-liisa liiver ophelie longuépée eman mohammed amelie monti amber rose ortolano christina paik sarah pannell natia rekhviashvili diane sagnier meagan sample sara sani yentel sanstitre alexandra serrano ailera stone olivia stonner eva tokarchuk iana tokarchuk olya virich cari ann wayman cecy young