emmanuelle tricoire
Emmanuelle Tricoire, in France.

Paris-based photographer Emmanuelle Tricoire presents a series of deeply personal, intimate portraits focusing on the rare characteristics in ordinary people which make them inimitable and distinctive.

Previously working for music magazines, her first body of work documented the upcoming underground music scene in New York City where she only shot in the streets, proclaiming "the streets were her studios". Wanting to evolve not only as a photographer but as an artist, she completely detached herself from that scene; desiring to get closer to the people that she was shooting and get to know them personally in order to tell much deeper stories through her images. Tricoire studied photography techniques and only shoots analogue. The entire series is shot on a Mamyia 6x6, aiming to get rid of the rules of framing and flirting with uncertainty. Seeking to bring forth the realness of her subject’s natural state with no poses or direction, she captures their true essence and feelings. Emmanuelle Tricoire lives and works in Paris and has been photographing professionally for 6 years. Previous shows include: "Dix Huit B Quarante Sept" Paris (2011), "In Utero 2" London (2011), "In Utero" Paris (2010), "NY-Paris-Berlin" Espace BERGGER Paris (2009), "Festival 100 Contest" Cergy (2007), "Streets of New York" Printemps Nation Paris (2006).
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