brittany markert
A year ago I received a 35mm SLR from a friend. Since then, I have spent this last year studying analog photography.

I use photography to explore a subliminal state of mind, a world often saturated with faded memories and haunted dreams.  Many of my images are driven by my interest in the study of subconscious desires, voyeurism, intimacy, nostalgia and the non-linear desires of the past, future and present.

Some aesthetically stimulating inspirations: isolated light, stairwells, bathtubs, old films, desolate buildings, motels, window curtains, vintage clothing & trees lacking leaves.
2012 célia adn florencia alvarado ashley anthony emilie arfeuil ines armandon léa l'azou sophie barbasch allison barnes jade cantwell valerie chiang paula gortázar anna gregorczyk marie hochhaus kat kiernan karrah kobus mariya kozhanova laura makabresku brittany markert janine mizera annabelle salle zsuzsanna simon mariam sitchinava kate smuraga caitlyn soldan alexandra sophie molly strohl emmanuelle tricoire tanya vasilyeva lisa wiseman coco young