allison barnes
I trace the surface of the land. I walk and create images that hold on to a piece of history and offer an aid to memory. I remember myself in that land and know how it has shaped me. Place becomes a map, and the images become a still of my own peregrinations, a stasis of my movement.

Working exclusively with an 8x10 camera, I am concerned with the maps that can be found in our surroundings; collections of clues which indicate a direction to those who will follow. My imprint, left behind, is as reassuring as the one found. There are moments when I am searching and a ghost will hover into focus, and the fascination materializes before me.
2012 célia adn florencia alvarado ashley anthony emilie arfeuil ines armandon léa l'azou sophie barbasch allison barnes jade cantwell valerie chiang paula gortázar anna gregorczyk marie hochhaus kat kiernan karrah kobus mariya kozhanova laura makabresku brittany markert janine mizera annabelle salle zsuzsanna simon mariam sitchinava kate smuraga caitlyn soldan alexandra sophie molly strohl emmanuelle tricoire tanya vasilyeva lisa wiseman coco young