rebecca carins
Rebecca Cairns is a fine-art photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. Originally initiating itself as a body of self-portraits, over time,  my body of work has expanded into the exploration of inanimate objects and other people. I have found that within these exteriors lies a concise definition of how I see myself and all that surrounds me.  My images are reminiscent of a dream- unclear, distorted and fictional.  They are meant to portray the fact that throughout our everyday life we are only passing figures through an infinite amount of space and time—impermanent and always fleeing. 
2011 jocelyn allen cath. an a. dola baroni sarah de burgh rebecca carins saya chontang emily cross nina cuviller sarah duby magida el-kassis elena gallotta mariana garcia yulia gorodinski kristen hatgi olya ivanova heather kurdyla Aëla Labbé nyra- ang ashley lebedev aislinn leggett adeline mai carmen maldonado alex matzke marie michel orianne o mezli vega osorno andrea pun lauren randolph julie de waroquier rachael woodson