rachael woodson
These are photographs from two ongoing series. The first, Band of Outsiders, followed my two brothers during the years after our father's death in 2001. While photographing their lives I also drew on feelings of isolation from my own youth. The project challenges the notion of childhood as a period of naïveté and simplicity and explores moments of detachment that are experienced in times of fragility and uncertainty. The concept for my latest project, Disconnected, stems directly from this series of my brothers. Photographing them opened up an insight towards moments of detachment, whether found in the look on someone’s face or a scene that I happen upon. Photographing these scenarios allows me to investigate ideas of abandonment, disconnection and isolation in a more abstract manner.

One year ago I moved from New York to Paris. Living in a foreign country and forming new relationships has inspired new reflections on the significance of home, family and isolation. These themes have influenced my work since the beginning, and now, far from the family I started out photographing, I am investigating these ideas on a broader scale. Photographing the Roman ruins in Nice, factories of Dunkerque, and German bunkers on the Franco-Belgian border has also added a historical emphasis to my search, and brings new meaning to my grandfather’s accounts of World War II. As a foreigner, I look at things a bit differently than a native French person. The commonplace is very often new and mysterious to me, and I strive to realize this impression in the photographs I take.
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