orianne o
Orianne O was born in Marseille however she moved more than 28 times in 29 years! Very soon, she went travelling all over the world with her parents and she was introduced to photography early by her father who is a photographer too. She got her first Nikon camera from him at the age of 10. Photography just became a way of life.

After some training in dramatic arts and theatre, she got some major high school degrees in cinema and film industry, specialising in image management and photography. Working for different companies as a cultural specialist and a press agent, she took her time before publishing her own work. This occurred for the first time in 2004 at Alep in Syria during a show organised around “travels and landscapes” where her shots got great acclaim. The success of all the events where she displayed her pictures and the fact that people were very enthusiastic about her work in the end convinced her to manage her main job around the art of photography.

The rest is history. Taking advantage of all the trips done around the whole world, she made an impressive collection of wonderful photographies in various domains as a photo-reporter and Fashion/Art photographer.

Orianne is now known for her very special work in photography, a new way to consider the world through the lenses of all her cameras.
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