brooke shaden
Brooke was born in Lancaster, PA and went to college in Philadelphia where she graduated with degrees in film and English. Upon graduation she began photography.  By joining Flickr she began to get recognition, and now her site now has nearly half a million views. She has been featured in magazines for innovative photography and filmmaking, most notably Kodak's In Camera magazine. She won a "highly commended" prize at the international Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009 competition, and was featured at the exhibition in London and in their magazine. She has a solo exhibition in February in Los Angeles that will feature a new series of images that explore the idealistic view of the female ballerina.

Artist Statement:

The goal of my photography is to make beautiful that which others find disturbing. By combining painterly qualities with a square crop, I hope to create a world unique from our reality, one that does not shut its eyes to the struggle that women are faced with, while showing the beauty in death and surrealism. While they portray whimsy, they are counterbalanced with harsh reality and themes of entrapment, anonymity, and death. They beg the question of what it means to be alive. Are these subjects alive? Were they ever?
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